Monday, June 17, 2013

Egos and relationships

Siblings drift apart.  This little piece of knowledge has been subconsciously ingrained in me as a child.  My Hope my siblings and I never drift apart.

My prayer, even if we drift apart we never fall apart as a family and turn our backs on each other.

We came close, a few years ago when my sister announced she was  done being my sister.  It was not a melodramatic announcement and we stayed away for a few months testily finding our way back.  We found it though and as much as we yell fight scream we love each other.

My brother on the other hand used the phrase "it was a personal attack on me" recently which shook me a bit.

See we have always been a loud expressive Indian family.  We yell when we are upset and shout lower when we are not. As much as I hate it my siblings regularly use words like dumbass to refer to each other, it's their grabs of love I guess.

Then how did my little brother suddenly become so big that his sister was personally attacking him.

Did we as older patronizing siblings suddenly lose sight of the fact that he was an adult? The bigger question nagging me is that were these even his words?

The relationships forged in blood and nurtured in love are falling apart again and this time ego is a bigger culprit which might drive a crack permanently in.

Is not love, it's not money is really just egoes that blind us so we can no longer hear or hearts that tell us otherwise.  It's when we stop listening to our hearts that our relationships disintegrate.

When did your bossy older sister arguing with your for your own good turn into a personal attack? When did you outgrow your relationships?

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