My husband I met December 2006, and got engaged August 2007, married Feb 2008.

We began our ttc journey in June 2010

First Pregnancy - Early October 2010, lost the heartbeat around 9 weeks 
D&C November 2010 
(Emphatically informed Fibroids are not to blame)

Was referred to Infertility Specialist #1 October 2011 after massively irregular periods and trying to conceive again.

October 2011 - 1st Endometrial Biopsy 

Jan 2012 Hysterosalpinogram

Feb 2012 Pregnancy with early Loss at 5.5 weeks 

March 2012 went back to see my Ob/Gyn done with Infertility Specialist #1

April 2012 Hysteroscopy - Fibroids are to blame - Myomectomy recomended
Search for Laporascopic surgeon commences

September 2012 - Mystery Illness complete with ear infections, night sweats, swollen lymph nodes and 2.5 months of daily temps at 102-103 (ended just after thanksgiving) never diagnosed but a lot was ruled out from malaria, tuberculosis to lymphoma and other cancers. Asked to put ttc on hold for a few months till body recovers.

Feb 2013 - Found current RE, put in thyroid meds

June 2013 - Hysterosonogram  & MRI

July 2013 - Myomectomy - Fibroids removed total 3 - was told largest was size of a 4 month fetus

August 2013 - Hematoma in uterus discovered as a result of surgery

September 2013 - Genetic testing and full work up done ,.  MTFHR diagnosed and lovanox, baby aspirin, metanx added to regimen.

Oct 2013 - 1st trial cycle of Clomid at 50 mg - Failed 
Nov 2013 - 2nd trial cycle of Clomid at 100 mg - Failed
December 2013 - 3rd trial cycle of Clomid at 150 mg - finally allowed to TTC again

Feb 2014 - 1st Clomid cycle at 150 mg -  BFN

March 2014 - 2nd Clomid cycle at 150 mg with iui - BFP -

Suspected ectopic pregnancy, finally diagnosed with Blighted ovum

Miscarriage with D&C on May 2nd 2014

July 2014 - Added Pregnitude, 1000 mg of coq10, 1000mg of calcium and 800 iu Vitamin D

August 2014 - 3rd Clomid Cycle 2nd iui - BFN

Coming soon in September 2014 - 3rd Hysteroscopy 

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